Tuning Aids

The attached paper below has links to various tuning drones.  Try playing your note with them.  If you hear "beats" or that annoying "wha, wha" sound, you are out of tune.  The faster the beats, the more out of tune you are.  The slower the beats, the closer you are.  If your sound blends in and you don't hear any beats, you're in tune!   Try making yourself play sharp and flat.  Are any notes more out of tune than others?  If so, are they sharp or flat?  Each instrument has notes that tend to be out of tune.  Do you know these notes on your instrument? 
Turn up your volume or wear headphones when listening and playing with these.  You wan the sound to surround you.
This one may be better for lower instruments:  http://www.dronetonetool.com/
Here is a great article on tuning which uses math and the physics of sound to explain what sounds good and why:  http://www.dwerden.com/SoundFiles/IntonationHelper/The_Tuning_CD_Booklet_free_version.pdf
Some clarinet tuning info: