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ASD Cyber Orientation

Armstrong High School will host 3 Zoom meetings for ASD Cyber Orientation.  Please plan to attend.  If you are not able to attend, you can contact your school counselor with any questions you have about the orientation course. 
Mrs. Emily Giconi (last names A-CL) - ext. 1821 -
Ms. Sandy Deforno (last names CO-HA) - ext. 1826 -
Mrs. Jocelyn Ursiak (last names HE-MI) - ext. 1827 - 
Mrs. Allison Bellas (last names MO-SH) - ext. 1822 - 
Mr. David Zablocki (last names SI-Z) - ext. 1823 - 
ASD Cyber Orientation Overview:
-See the document listed below for how to log on to canvas using google chrome.
-If your student's invitation to the orientation course does not appear on the screen when you first log in to canvas, please contact your school counselor.
-Orientation is essential for your student's success in ASD Cyber.  
-Orientation will teach your student how to navigate canvas and utilize it's features.
-Daily attendance is required.  Time spent in canvas is recorded.
-Parents are able to make a canvas account to monitor their student's progress in classes.
- Please complete the orientation course on the first day of school.